Start pricing intelligently on time for Christmas!

Competition is fierce during the holidays, which is quite normal as it is the strongest time of the year for online sales sites.
L’internaute est alors en quête de la bonne affaire, des meilleures promotions pour faire ses courses de Noël.



The most common strategy for e-merchants is to choose a few products that would be suitable under the tree and to promote them with a small discount.


Some sites offer a few products at cost price to attract buyers who will then do all of their shopping on the same site.


The prices and offers can sometimes change more than a month before Christmas, and other times only a few days prior.

It is therefore imperative to use a tracking tool to see the competition’s pricing strategy at a glance to be able to adapt to it and have the more alluring site. Remember that a web user will compare on average 3 sites before deciding to buy.


PRIXAN will notify you when your competitors put new products online, and as soon as they launch a promotion.

You cannot afford to be unaware of what your competition is doing!